Rheiner is a company established in Frankfurt, Germany in July 2014, specializing in airport catering and personnel services.

Rheiner's adventure, which started with the supply of catering at Skayteam lounges in Germany's Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich airports in 2014, quickly turned into a business lounge business.


As of 2019, the number of lounges it serves has reached nine. in Germany; Frankfurt (2), Stuttgart, Munich, Berlin, Leipzig, Bremen, Zurich in Switzerland and Copenhagen in Denmark. During this period, Skyteam has worked in cooperation with Airline Association, Air France and TAV Group.


During the same period, Rheiner expanded its field of activity and made investments in Real Estate Investment, Digital Services and Personnel Supply. It expanded its investments, which started in Germany, to European Union countries and Turkey. It continues to progress rapidly with its investments in the digital field (especially in the telecommunication and gaming sectors) in Turkey.


Our goal is to become a strong global company in Europe and the Near East in three years.