Kani Top, one of the founding partners of Rheiner, was involved in the start-up phase of Rheiner after working in the media sector for many years and is responsible for Rheiner's investments in the lounge management and catering sectors.


After graduating from Ankara University Faculty of Journalism, Kani Top completed his master's degree at Heilderberg University, Faculty of Political Sciences, Germany.





He is currently the co-founder of Rheiner, based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Having worked as a journalist for major Turkish newspapers in the past, he was a market research and advertising specialist at the white goods company Arçelik, in the strategic communication planning and advertising department of Turkey's largest industrial group Koç Holding and in a joint purchasing company of the Koç Group. He was the founder and first senior manager of ZER.

He not only purchased many products and services in Zer, but also handled the purchasing and planning of advertising and digital advertising in the community.
In addition, he was President of the Turkish Advertisers Association, Vice President of the International Advertisers Association, Chairman of the Board of the Turkish Television Monitoring and Research Association and President of the Turkish Press Monitoring and Research Council.

He holds a Master's degree in Business Administration and Organization from the Faculty of Business Administration at Istanbul University.