Kani Top, one of the founding partners of Rheiner, has been in the establishment phase of Rheiner after working in the media sector for many years and is responsible for Rheiner's investments in Airline ground handling and Personnel Supply. After graduating from Ankara University Journalism Department, Kani Top completed his master's degree at Heilderberg University, Faculty of Political Sciences, Germany.




He is currently the co-founder of Rheiner company based in Frankfurt, Germany.

After working as a journalist in Turkey's major newspapers in the past, he was a Market Research and Advertising Department Specialist at the White Goods Company Arçelik, Strategic Communications Planning and Advertising Department at Turkey's largest industrial group Koç Holding, and a collective purchasing company of the Koç Group. He was the founder and first senior manager of ZER.

In addition to purchasing many products and services in Zer, he carried out the advertising and digital advertising purchasing and planning of the community.

In addition, he served as the President of the Turkish Advertisers Association, the Vice President of the International Advertising Association, the Chairman of the Board of the Turkish Television Monitoring and Research Company, and the President of the Press Monitoring and Research Board of Turkey.

He has a Master's degree in Business Administration and Organization from Istanbul University Faculty of Business Administration.




After graduating from Marmara University, Department of Econometrics, he completed the Investment Banking program at New York University.

After working as a portfolio manager for a while on his return to Turkey, he stepped into the internet advertising industry as the founding partner of Tilllate.com Turkey and as Sales and Marketing Manager.

In the same period, he worked as the Sales and Marketing Manager of The World's Finest Clubs Turkey.

With the advertising agency he established with Bilginet in 2010, he provided internet advertising services to nearly 2000 e-commerce sites within the Hemenal.com, with the Walk With Wise agency.

He is currently working as the Turkey Director of digital advertising at Rheiner.




He is a graduate of Istanbul University Archeology Department. He is still continuing his master's degree at Istanbul Technical University. After receiving various trainings from Microsoft, he started his career with Gantek Teknoloji as a senior system engineer. Later, he worked at Oger Telecom as the IT manager of Istanbul and Dubai offices. By joining the Rheiner family, he has accomplished very successful works on various mobile games and airport lounge accounting software.