Rheiner started to invest in mobile applications and software, starting from Turkey, where the young population is concentrated. Rheiner has gained experience, especially in areas of cooperation with telecom operators. Applications developed with cooperation partners;



back to our time...

An unknown force, for some unknown reason, unexpectedly sent you back in time. You are now in the Stone Age.

You embark on a long and arduous adventure to return to our time. In the first part of the adventure, 15 levels are waiting for you that will activate the gears in your brain.





play, win, see selfie...

Are you ALL ABOUT SELFIES?!!! Anyone who loves selfies will be instantly addicted to Selfie Wars! It’s the ultimate combination of gaming, social media, and yes...SELFIES! 

You get to snap a selfie, obscure it with a filter, and then post it to whoever you want, or to EVERYBODY! But...if they want to see it unscrambled, they have to accept the game challenge that you picked for them at the difficulty level you chose! Let’s see how badly they want to see your creative selfie! 

Make legendary selfies and you’ll have TONS of people taking on your challenges and leaving you cool feedback! 
• Super hip design. 
• Intuitive, sleek interface. 
• Complete privacy settings for any level.






Share your video, become famous...

Record your own short videos using fun and funny soundtracks. Playback is an entire social network of overdubs made by people just like you!



1. Choose an awesome soundtrack from our user-generated audio library 
2. Record your video as the audio plays
3. Share it with the world, or just your friends

Our ever-growing library includes celebrity interviews, classic lines from your favorite movies and TV shows, animal sounds, pop culture references, and more.



Scroll through the latest videos posted from around the world - 
Like, comment, and follow the ones you love - 
Add friends and view videos on your Playback feed Best of all, Playback is totally free. Get started and join our overdub community today!